Putnam Hill                     

 A Cooperative Complex in Greenwich, Connecticut  


Superintendent's Cottage and Putnam Hill Office recently redesigned adding   attractive  shutters, doors,  landscaping, walkways,  and lighting.  

Fire Alarm systems are being updated.

Duct Cleaning  performed for building vents in all 195 Units.

  • Replaced Fascias on all balconies with  new                                                                                                        materials (photo #1 below).

Replace / Reconstruct  the Building 5 driveway retaining walls                                                                        with an interlocking stone design.

  • Construction to remove old retaining wall (photo #2 below).
  • New  Front Driveway Wall B5 (photo #3 below) (two-tiered landscaping )
  • New Back Driveway Wall B5  (photo #4 below) (with new landscaping )